Ngoro Ngoro wildlife Safari

Explore the un touched part of Africa in its natural beauty. Often called the eighth wonder of the world, Ngorongoro Crater is the largest unbroken caldera in the world, and is a home to almost the full range of safari wildlife like elephants, rare black rhinos, leopards, spotted hyenas and cheetahs on a single game drive. Unique to Ngorongoro, indigenous tribes are permitted to live in the conservation area and local Maasai graze their livestock on the crater floor in harmony with nearby herds of buffalo and wildebeest.

The crater floor is an earthly paradise and, with about 30,000 animals, one of the most populous wildlife areas in the world. Because the area is enclosed and the flat crater floor is mainly open grassland, it is easy to manage, with the result that it is a stronghold of endangered species, including the black rhino and the cheetah.