People & Cultural Safari

Most people know the Masai on the savannas, walking through their ‘land’ while the lion watches out for the bright red colors they wear to escape, just like an antelope watches out for the lion. Join them in dance, learn how to make jewelry of a different type or be a witness of one of their many traditions. Set more on plains, between hundreds of cattle one can find their boma’s (circular huts made in a circle inside a thorny fence to keep out the predators.

On the mosaic of beautiful valleys, deep gorges, rivers, waterfalls and farms, one can find deep within the bananas the Wachagga. The Wachagga, a totally different ethnic group who live on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, famous for their irrigation system, they have small shamba’s in which they cultivate all sorts of crops. Not only is their present day life something of cultural interest, but also their history is a mingling of tribal chiefs and their wars, slavery and colonialism.

However you want to experience a different culture, it will most likely be possible, anything from a workshop of bead making to living among the locals and learning their way of living. Enjoy their dance, work on the farms, take a walk in the nature and learn everything about the plants on the way, enjoy a day on the water and join in with the fishing, go down under the ground in caves or trenches dug as a way of escape. Learn about the history of tribal wars and take in the colours of the day on an open market.